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Tridonic Distribution

Tridonic’s extensive portfolio includes LED and OLED light sources, electronic lighting control gear and digital lighting control systems. The high proportion of new products in our portfolio indicates a high level of innovation. Our customers benefit from system-based component solutions from a single source.

LED Systems

What is the IP rating of Tridonic LED modules and LED Driver?

LED modules for installation do not have an IP rating, unless otherwise indicated. IP protection must be provided by the luminaire. The IP rating of the LED engine is specified in the relevant data sheets. Unless otherwise indicated, LED driver units have an IP20 rating.

What is the maximum allowed cable length between LED Driver and LED module?

The maximum allowed cable length between LED Driver and LED module is 2 m (4 m in a loop).

What effect does the ambient temperature have on the forward voltage of LED modules?

The forward voltage is dependent on the ambient temperature, among other things. The forward voltage is higher at low temperatures.

How much UV/IR radiation is in the light emitted by TALEXX LEDs?

The light spectrum emitted by LEDs from Tridonic contains no UV or IR components.

Emergency lighting

Layer structure


Emergency lighting units in the BASIC family make manual tests possible. The duration of the emergency lighting function must be checked manually. The required test log must be maintained manually. The test is performed either using the optionally installed test switch on the emergency luminaire or using a switch in the electrical installation.


Emergency lighting units in the SELFTEST family perform both the function as well as the duration test according to a defined pattern. Any manual intervention is not necessary for this. It can be established using the indicator LED whether the test was successful. The required test log must be maintained manually.


Emergency lighting units in the PRO family have a DALI interface. The emergency lighting unit communicates with a control unit via this interface. Using the control unit, the entire emergency lighting system can be controlled and monitored from a central point. The test log is created automatically and stored on an external data carrier if necessary.

Which light output do I get in emergency operation?

An approximate light output can be calculated with the formula: light output in emergency operation = (LED current in emergency operation) / (LED current in mains operation) × (light output in mains operation)

How long does it take for Tridonic emergency LED drivers to switch to battery operation?

< 0.25 s from detection of emergency event.