Did you know?

Tridonic connection technology now trades under its former brand name Electro-Terminal, the name under which the company was established 50 years ago.



Welcome to Tridonic Distribution

Tridonic Distribution, based in Hertfordshire, was established to improve the levels of services to small to medium OEM’s in the lighting market.

Operating as a specialist independent distributor under the Tridonic banner, the company has access to the full range of products and expertise, including LED control gear, LED lighting Engines, Ballast for Fluorescent Lamps dimming and non dimming-Fixed Output, HID control gear, Electronic Halogen Transformers, Emergency Lighting Units.

Visit www.tridonic.com for full details

In addition to the full Tridonic range the company also distributes products from Electro Terminal (formerly Tridonic Connection Technology).

Visit www.electroterminal.com

To find out more, please contact us or call 01923 802500.