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Perfect connections for your lighting systems

Screwless Luminaire Connectors

  • Time-saving installation
  • Easy manual installation
  • Automatic wiring possible with capacitor already fitted
  • Automatic wiring possible on all common push-in robot wiring systems with push-in technology
  • Large entrance funnels
  • Detachment of wires at device end with release pin or by twisting and pulling
  • Easy detachment of wires at installation end with push-button

PCB Connectors

  • Clamping range 0.2 - 0.75 mm²
  • For solid and flexible wires
  • Wires easily detachable with release pin or by twisting and pulling
  • For manual and automatic wiring
  • Lowest height 3.5 mm
  • UL approval

System for Continuous Row Lighting

  • Lowest width with 5-pole-system: 27 mm
  • Small total height of the connected system: 25.5 mm
  • Colour-coded plugs
  • Axial connector pluggable in vertical direction
  • Due to the double terminals of the axial-connector, line feeding can be done at every intersection

Connector Strips Polyamide

Fused Terminal Blocks

Plug-in Connector Strips

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